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Backtagging: Definately.
Threadhopping: You are more than welcome to do this.
Fourthwalling: No
Offensive subjects: None come to mind.
Possible Triggers: Blood, blood drinking, mentions of death and murder

Hugging this character: You can try, but he doesn't like anyone getting close to him unless he really trusts them.
Kissing this character: I doubt he'll ever let that happen.
Flirting with this character: You may, but he'll ignore it at best.
Fighting with this character: You may pick fights with him.
Injuring this character: He may be injured, just no limb loss or anything too extreme.
Killing this character: Not without my permission.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure. PM me with questions.

Warnings: He's secretly a murderer and very unashamed of what he does. He's also a vampire, and therefor drinks human blood to live. May get into gory or other graphic conversations.

Other Permissions
May Vicente use any of the following powers on your character?
Vampire's Seduction - A powerful charm spell that makes the target like him for a short while.
Reign of Terror - A powerful fear spell.
Does he have permission to use general magic on your character?(elemental, paralysis, etc.)
May Vicente take blood from your character? Dont worry, he has a spell to make sure they won't turn into a vampire like him.
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Player Information

Name: Arwingyoshi
Personal Journal: [personal profile] arwingyoshi
Age: 23
Contact Info: AIM: arwingyoshi, MSN:, EMAIL:
Other Characters Played: Nobody
Do you need an invite? No

Character Information

Character Name: Vicente Valtieri
Character Series: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Character Age: At least 300 years
Character Gender: Male
Original Canon
Canon Point: The day before his death at the hands of Lucien Lachance's Silencer
Background Link: Oblivion and Vicente
Personality: As a high-ranking member of the Dark Brotherhood, Vicente is very dedicated to his Family and has no problems with taking a life in the name of Sithis, his god. Nor does he have any trouble sending lower-ranking Siblings to kill others. He doesn't care if the target is innocent or guilty, since it is not the Brotherhood's place to judge, only execute. He often talks about murder in a matter-of-fact tone, showing his casual nature in killing and detachment with the world outside the Brotherhood. He respects his superiors, such as Ocheeva and Lucien, despite being many centuries their elder.

That said, when it comes to those in his Family, he's a very nice and charming gentleman. He's nothing but polite to the player character and the rest of the Brotherhood, and only gets irritated if the player screws up or doesn't carry out an assassination contract to the letter. He can appreciate subtlety and discresion, as shown when he congradulates the player on not killing anyone but the target, but also knows when one must put survival above all, such as when he says the player may have to kill a target's bodyguard. He has a dark and snarky sense of humor. He's also a bookworm, since most of the time he can be seen reading whenever the player visits him in his room.

Vicente is at peace with his vampiric nature, which is notable since most vampires in the game are either savage or insane. He's a self-described social pariah, but this doesn't seem to bother him, since the Brotherhood accepts him and even finds use in his abilities. Should someone gain his trust and friendship, he may offer to make them a vampire like him, but only if they wish it. It can be assumed that he doesn't go around turning others into vampires. He does talk about draining one of his sisters of some blood as punishment if she continues to try serving him garlic (see below under abilities). He would never kill anyone in his Family, especially since it is against Brotherhood law for him to do so.

Judging by what happens throughout the Dark Brotherhood subplot, it can be assumed that sometimes he can be a bit too trusting when it comes to his Family. He was unable to tell that Mathieu Bellamont was insane, though that may have been because Bellamont was a very good actor and capable of hiding his insanity for extended periods. He also did not expect his death by the player character's hands, but Purifications (killing a Brotherhood unit) are a rare thing within the Brotherhood and it may have never crossed his mind that was what Lucien sent the player to do.
Abilities: As a vampire, Vicente has a variety of powers and enhanced abilities. He is stronger and faster than a mortal, and knows a few spells. His vampire powers include Hunter's Sight (night vision and sensing body heat), Embrace of Shadows (invisibility and night vision), Vampire's Seduction (a spell to charm others), and Reign of Terror (a fear spell). His favored weapon is a claymore.

However, his powers also come with some weaknesses. He cannot go out into the sun or else he'll burn to death, and is very weak against fire, like all vampires. He also has a strange garlic allergy. Coming into contact with garlic will weaken him considerably.
Sample Entry: The new Sister was working out better than Vicente could have hoped. She obeyed orders without question and went out of her way to fulfil the requirements for a bonus. He imagined that resisting the urge to slaughter the guards during the prison contract must have been difficult for one who could not turn invisible as he could. But it had worked out, as killing the guards would have attracted undue attention. The fact that she had gotten Lucien's attention for a special assignment just spoke of how much she benefit this Family. Nothing was more important than serving Sithis.

Ocheeva had once asked him why he never requested the previous Speaker make him her successor, since he was such a dedicated Brother and had been killing for Sithis for two-hundred years. The truth was that Vicente was content with just being an Executioner, seeing over new Dark Siblings and staying down in the Sanctuary with his books and occassional contract. Besides, Lucien deserved the position, he felt.

The vampire sorted through the various paperwork on his desk, sorting through contracts by whom he felt would be best suited for the task. He did not mind paperwork most of the time, as it gave him something to do during the day when he could not go outside. The sun had not been his friend in over three-hundred years. There were times when he missed the sun, but enjoyment of its warmth and light was a small sacrifice compared to his vampirism allowing him to continue serving his Family for centuries, which was a noble thing. A gladiator for big, blunt Gogron, an ambassador whom their archer could snipe, a Blade he could take care of himself...

He stopped what he was doing as he picked up the sound of Maraaj-Dar yelling upstairs. By Sithis, it sounded like Gogron had broken another training dummy. Vicente loved Gogron like any good brother, but even he had to admit that the orc could be a handful. Still, at least he didn't forget about his garlic aversion, unlike Antionetta. When he heard Ocheeva step in, he ignored the noise, and went back to sorting out contracts.
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[Filtered to Dark Brotherhood.]

My Family, with the quiet activity in the City, I believe a little something is in order.

Everyone is to come to the Sanctuary for a mandatory dinner tommorrow, where proper promotions and new assignments will be handed out.

Now then, who will have chicken and who will have steak?

[End Filter]
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[Out on one of his usual nightly feedings, Vicente sneaks into a house through the window.

Five minutes later, he stumbles out in shock, egg nog dripping from his mouth.]

By Sithis... What sort of curse is this?
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Daar los zok tahrodiis. I lost ni hon daar tinvaak alun, ahrk I lost ni siiv naan aak do.

I faas I aal kos do nid ov daar sul.

[Translation: This is most treacherous. I have not heard this language ever, and I have not found any guide.

I fear I may be of no help this day.

OOC: He's speaking the Dragon Language from Skyrim. No, he doesn't actually know it before today and won't recognize it after today ends, but I couldn't resist, having been obbsessed with Skyrim for the past month.]
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In all my years, I cannot say that I have ever encountered such creatures as the ones roaming the City. I thought it was my imagination at first, but they are definately following me.

This is the kind of trickery I expect from the likes of Sheogorath.

[He takes a quick turn around every few seconds while speaking.]

I saw one take the giant robot. He is gone. Simply vanished.

[In another one of his turns, he notices a gargoyle looking at him.]

I must go.

[/End feed.]
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[Vicente walks along town, sampling a few pieces of fruit he bought at the market. He pauses to look into a store window, curious at the Thanksgiving decorations that are on sale.]


[A guy standing near him then lights up a cigarrete. Vicente lets out a scared yelp and jumps back, relexively throwing a minor frost spell at the man's face before dashing off.

Once he's run off a few more blocks and turned a corner, he stops, putting a hand to his heart.]

[OOC: So, in addition to garlic, Vicente hates fire. In his world, vampires are weak against fire.]
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[Vicente is casually walking thought the city with a pumpkin tucked under his arm. He's also dressed as the Phantom of the Opera, only he's wearing a full-face mask with only his mouth and eyes exposed, much like in the original book.]

It is quite a sight, seeing everyone dress in costumes and go about asking for candy. We have no such day in my world.

[He stops as he finds a low stone fence to put his pumpkin on and turns it so the carving is showing. After he lights the candle inside it, one can see that Vicente has carved a minotaur's head onto the pumpkin.]

I cannot say that I have ever used a pumpkin for this purpose. Nonetheless, I do enjoy taking up new things.
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[Here's something you don't see every day. It's Vicente, only his face is smooth, with some color, and his teeth aren't sharp.]

This has only happened to me once before here, and it has come at a most inopportune time.

[Filtered to the Dark Brotherhood members]

Brothers, we must band together in this. However, should anyone be affected negatively by this, I am lifting the Tenet against killing other Siblings, at least for now. Once this is over and things are normal once more, the Tenet will be back in effect. Also, do not kill Siblings unless they attack you first, or face severe punishment.

Stay safe, my Brothers, and may the Night Mother guide you.

[End filter]
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It wasn't unusual for Dark Sibling to be gone from their Sanctuary for a long time. Many had their own houses in different cities and only came to their Sanctuary to pick up contracts, get paid for said contracts, or just rest and spend time with their Siblings. However, the most recent Brother's absense was not boding well with Vicente. He had nowhere else to go and was a Skooma addict. He had a good feeling what the young Argonian had spent his reward on. The vampire had given Archren enough time off, and he needed to come home now. Even if the vampire had to go all the way to Bravil.
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[Vicente is wandering about town, for once not wearing his cloak. He does have it tucked away under his arm just in case, though. As of right now, he's ordering himself some lunch at diner.]

I must say, I think I prefer the City this way. It makes it much easier for someone like me to wander about.

[A waiter comes by to give him his soup. The vampire eats it with loud slurps. If one looks closely enough, they might see what looks like brown animal hair on his suit.]
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[Vicente has aquired himself a couch, which he is currently sitting on. More importantly, though, he has a vampire bat sitting in his lap.]

Let me see if I understand this correctly. You are a physical manifestation of my soul.

That is correct.

[The bat's voice is distinctly femenine.]

Is there any particular reason why you are a bat?

You're a vampire, I'm a vampire bat. It's cliche, but what can you do?

Do you have a name?

Yes. It's Adrienne.

Ah, you even have a Breton name. How lovely.

[/End of video]
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Oh, this is happening again? Most delightful.

I wonder if anyone I know is here this time, or anyone from my world at all. I do miss the diversity of Tamriel.

[ooc: Anything goes. Threadjacking encouraged.]
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[Vicente is dressed in a black long coat over his suit, and his casual gloves are replaced with wool ones.]

Not bad. This sort of wear would be useful for expeditions up to Skyrim.
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[Here we have a small boy in medieval average-class wear. He's made his way out of the Underground and is sitting on a park bench.]

I do hope father returns soon, and brings back a fresh hog or deer. Perhaps next time he will finally take me along on one of his hunts, or I may accompany him to Bravil or Skingrad to sell the furs of his recent catches.

Mother says the trips through the woods are too dangerous, full of giant rats and even minotaurs, but I am not afraid.

[OOC: Vicente has regressed to his childhood for the weekend. He has no idea about his future vampirism or killing people.]
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I've read The Lusty Argonian Maid, the original printing of The Real Barenziah, and many, many lewd tavern songs, and it's telling something if the things I have seen over the Network today out class them in terms of sheer raunchiness.

Interestingly enough, I personally have seen many related to vampires. I do not know how the idea of my kind as young and attractive sex gods came to be, but I find it amusing at most. The same can be said for the material involving werewolves. They have them in Morrowind, and they were not so eager to jump into bed with young maidens last time I encountered one.

[As he talks, a few ads and videos of the kind he descibes pop up.]
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[Vicente has a few chocolate treats spread across his table. He is currently sampling a regular chocolate bar.]

This treat, it is not bad. I don't think anything like it exists in Cyrodiil, or anywhere in Tamriel. I must say that the truffles tickle my fancy the most, out of everything I have tried. I wonder if I may find a way for it to be replicated upon my return.

[He looks at the list of ingredients on the bar's wrapper while licking some chocolate off his fangs.]
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[Vicente is out on the streets, in his cloak of course, with a bag of rolled up parchments under his arm. Said parchments are being left on car windshields and nailed to telephone polls.

He takes a moment to look directly into his device.]

You know, suddenly I feel the need to let everyone know about my home.

Cyrodiil is far less advanced technologically than the City, but it makes up for this with magic.

I have noticed a lack of the races of mer and beast here, save for a few citizens from other worlds. I myself am of the race of men, a Breton to be precise. Bretons are the result of men and mer intermarrying thousands of years ago, and can be natural mages.

Cyrodiil also has many more monsters than I have seen here, such as minotaurs and atronaches, just to name a few.

Other information may be found in these parchments.

[Video ends.]
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[Vicente is wandering through a vast desert, trying desperatly to find shelter, knowing that dawn is nearing. However, all that stretches before him are small rocks and shrubs. No caves for him to hide in.

As the sun comes up over the horizon, Vicente falls to his knees as his skin catches fire like parchment and his body turns to ash.]

[Waking world. Video]

[Vicente's red eyes snap open, but otherwise he shows no signs of distress.]

That was a particularly distressing one, if I do say so myself.

[Now that he's awake, he may as well check the network.]

[ooc: Vampires in his canon have nightmares all the time. After 300 years, he's used to them.]
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[After dark, the city is bright and loud. A lone drunk stumbles about the sidewalk.

Out of a dark alley comes Vicente, dressed in a pinstripe suit and fedora.]

Sir, I do believe I may be able to assist you.

[Green light comes from his hand and flows into the drunk. The drunk smiles at Vicente and speaks in a slurred voice.]

Sure... anything for you friend.

Most excellent.

[He leads the drunk into the alley with him. Vicente alone comes out a few minutes later, wiping blood from his lips with his handkerchief. Snack time over, time to get back to work.]


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